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King of Spain cuts his own salary in austerity drive

Spain's King Felipe VI has slashed his salary as head of state by 20 percent for 2015, a move in line with his pledges for a more moderate, fewer-frills monarchy.

Juan Carlos, who retains his honorary title of king, will receive 187,356 euros.

The palace budget, which has been frozen or cut since 2009 as Spain suffered hard economic times, remains unchanged in 2015 at 7.8 million euros.

Felipe has striven to improve the monarchy's image, which has been tarnished by a number of scandals in recent years

In particular, his father was criticised for hunting elephant in Botswana at a time when ordinary Spaniards were suffering a severe economic crisis.

Last year Felipe banned Royals from accepting expensive gifts, including free flights and luxury holidays.


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